Monday, January 16, 2012

4 out of 5 fit tests COMPLETED

Ahoy there! Liz here: as promised in my last post, here are my fit test results so far (keeping in mind that I missed the 3rd fit test because I was in Philly sitting in a coffee shop with Kettner instead of insanitying):

First Fit Test 11/28/2011; Second Fit Test 12/12/2011; Third Fit Test 1/16/2012:

Switch Kicks: 97, 127, 118

Power Jacks: 43, 53, 53

Power Knees: 60, 80, 93

Power Jumps: 1/2 (blew out my bum knee), 37, 42

Globe Jumps: 8, 10, 10

Suicide Jumps: 9, 14, 15

Push Up Jacks: 0, 0, 23

Low Plank Obliques: 43, 60, 55

I'm happy to report that there are improvements (mostly). Obviously, since I resurrected my old bike accident knee injury the first time I tried Power Jumps, anything is an improvement, but I'm really happy with the progression. Those are small potatoes compared to the real victory: Push Up Jacks! I had shamefully admitted that I couldn't even do 1 push up when I started insanity, so to go from two zeros to 23 feels really great! Look out world: I'm gonna push up... on you... or something.

Now I will turn the computer over to Maris, who will give you her fit test results!!

Hey everybody! I love Insanity. Especially when it makes me fart (you KNOW what I'm talking about). Liz and Joe don't like that part though. Here's my Fit Test results (so far):

First Fit Test 11/28/2011; Second Fit Test 12/12/2011; Third Fit Test 1/2/2012; Fourth Fit Test 1/16/2012:

Switch Kicks: 75, 77, 120, 125

Power Jacks: 30, 40, 40, 35

Power Knees: 55, 70, 77, 80

Power Jumps: 15, 32, 30, 28

Globe Jumps: 7, 9, 8, 8

Suicide Jumps: 8, 13, 12, 15

Push Up Jacks: 0, 0, 15, 20

Low Plank Obliques: 25, 40, 40, 40

I should note that for Push Up Jacks, I did modified push ups the first two Fit Tests, so I didn't count them (Liz and I are in the same boat push up-wise).

Insanity has been a nice challenge. I played soccer for 9 years (from age 5 - 14), and after that, I pretty much fell off the workout/exercise wagon (with the exception of the occasional jog, and that summer where I taught canoeing and kayaking...). So, 7 weeks in and I feel great, and I definitely want to stick with a workout plan after the 60 days is up. Joe and I have both gained about 5 pounds doing Insanity (which I'll assume is muscle weight, since we all eat relatively healthy). I just can't wait until nice weather so we can add a jog or swim to our schedule!

Joe is currently baking us some delicious chocolate peanut butter cookies (hey, I said relatively healthy), so I will blog his Fit Tests for him:

First Fit Test 11/28/2011; Second Fit Test 12/12/2011; Third Fit Test 1/2/2012; Fourth Fit Test 1/16/2012:

Switch Kicks: 100, 90, 140, 120

Power Jacks: 37, 37, 49, 50

Power Knees: 63, 82, 89, 94

Power Jumps: 19, 35, 27, 45

Globe Jumps: 8, 10, 7, 7

Suicide Jumps: 8, 10, 11, 12

Push Up Jacks: 20, 24, 18, 23

Low Plank Obliques: 50, 59, 46, 50

Joe's a powerhouse with the push ups. In terms of organized exercise, this is his first go at it (he had some pretty severe asthma when he was younger). It's safe to say that Joe gets the most angry with Insanity. The Third Fit Test was combined with the Max Interval Circuit (an hour and a half); I thought he was going to Hulk out and murder the computer. Regardless, he's sticking with it (his goal is to be able to do push ups with Liz and I sitting on his back).

Just 2 more weeks until we complete the 60 day cycle with our final fit test! You probably won't hear from us until we're certifiably INSANE, so until then, we'll be DIGGING DEEPER (into this bowl of cookie batter)!


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