Monday, January 30, 2012

60 days, so many abs

Happy Birthday Kettner! To celebrate your special day, we completed the 60 day insanity workout cycle!!

Liz here: I gotta admit, the last few weeks its been kind of hard to work up the enthusiasm to workout for an hour every morning, but I feel extremely accomplished that I did. I had a physical for the first time in 2 years and my new doctor told me she COULD FEEL MY ABS. Holy shit. Not to mention that my legs are rock hard, to the point that it grosses me out.

Our final fit test was this morning, and I was at a disadvantage, as I hurt my wrist last week, and couldn't do any of the plyometric exercises, but regardless, here are my results:

Switch Kicks: 110, down from 118 last time

Power Jacks: 57, up from 53

Power Knees: 104, up from 93

Power Jumps: 50, up from 42

Globe Jumps: 11, up from 10

Suicide Jumps: 0

Push Up Jacks: 0

Low Plank Obliques: 0

So now what? We're going to finish off this week with the recovery session, and then we'll continue to do the videos of our choosing 4 or 5 times a week. Insanity 4 eva!

Maris here. Well, that was fun. Now I'm ready to plan out our workout schedule post-Insanity. I think we're going to mix the "easy" workouts with the "max" workouts and see how that goes. And also have 2 days off instead of 1.

In terms of my Insanity experience...You can't really see my abs (I think I am genetically doomed to have a little gut) but that's cool. What surprised me the most is that most of my pants don't fit comfortably any more; they are TOO TIGHT. Specifically in the booty and thigh regions. So, Operation: New Pants is happening soon. To be fair, I only own 2-3 pairs of pants, so this is actually a pretty urgent mission. But enough about MY PANTS. Here's my last Fit Test results:

Switch Kicks: 130, up from 125 last time

Power Jacks: 40, up from 35

Power Knees: 100, up from 80

Power Jumps: 37, up from 28

Globe Jumps: 7, down from 8

Suicide Jumps: 13, down from 15

Push Up Jacks: 24, up from 20

Low Plank Obliques: 53, up from 40

All in all, I feel great and I'm psyched to continue working out INSANITY-style!

Greetings, internet. Joe here. I too stuck it out through the entirety of the 'Insanity' workout program (with a couple holiday exceptions -SUE ME), and I have to say, also share in a sense of accomplishment. That sense is tempered somewhat by the fact that Insanity isn't really ending, and, like Maris, I don't really have any visible evidence of my strengthening abs. But I can't deny that the workout routine has certainly forced my body into better shape. Going forward, as we'll be setting our own workout schedule, I'm hoping to do more of the ab-intensive routines, rather than the predominant 'endless jumping' exercise sessions. Not that I haven't seen any benefit from those. My legs are rock HAHD.

Switch Kicks: 135, up from 120 last time

Power Jacks: 54, up from 50

Power Knees: 104, up from 94

Power Jumps: 65, up from 45

Globe Jumps: 9, up from 7

Suicide Jumps: 13, up from 12

Push Up Jacks: 25, up from 23

Low Plank Obliques: 50, same as last week.



  1. Love your blog! I'm a huge fan of insanity! Used the program in my first challenge- so many had amazing results! I tried out asylum right after my baby... Let's just say maybe a little too ambitious for right after having given birth.... But great stuff! I'm more of a turbo girl, turbo fire to be exact! Have any of you ever tried it? Who is your coach? You guys seem to be an awesome team! So glad my hubs sent me your blog!

  2. Holy crap you guys are scary now. And I totally didn't recognize Liz back there.