Friday, February 18, 2011

Serenity now- Insanity later

Hey gang,

Third Week Rising! I'm definitely feeling the change in my body, as well as the associated physical ramifications (one new ab!!!). My newfound speed and core strength are coming in handy in weird, but useful ways- i.e. hauling ass to catch the trolley.

Second fit test went much better. I don't know if I'm more motived or my muscle memory is kicking in, but I improved on everything except the Power Jacks.

Switch Kicks: 80 --> 117
Power Jacks: 50 --> 44
Power Knees: 81 --> 101
Power Jumps: 22 --> 26
Globe Jumps: 5 --> 7
Suicide Jumps: 8 --> 10
Push Up Jacks: 14 --> 21
Low Plank Obliques: 40 --> 55

Unfortunately, my progress is about to be slightly interrupted. Week Four conflicts with me working some 12 hour days and getting home late. I don't think my downstairs neighbor would appreciate me throwing down with some power jumps at 11 PM (tho I certainly don't appreciate her throwing down shitty jazz vocal scales at 2 AM on the reg).

Question to fellow Insanity Punx- if I miss AN ENTIRE WEEK, would it be appropriate to begin the following week where I left off at Week Four? I want to make sure I have enough momentum to carry me through Week 5 and then into the Max Interval series.

To compensate not having a chance to squeeze it in, I'm gonna start week one of a supplemental plan- "onehundredpushups." One area where Insanity notably lacks is in the arm stuff, and this program purports to eventually allow you to do 100 consecutive pushups (the wording on the site is a little funny, but allegedly it's a six-week program). Here's the link if anyone is interested-

It's not very time-consuming and should wield some results, in theory. Perfect, low impact supplement that won't bother any poorly-crooning flatmates.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fit test #2/Falling hard

Fellow insanity punx,

I hate to say it, but I fell pretty hard off the insanity train this week. Saturday morning after my fit test I left for a camping trip, and after the serenity of a one-day break it just felt too sweet to sleep in instead of waking up early to get insane. I missed three days total and started back today. Here's hoping I didn't lose too much momentum this week.

Here are the results of fit test #2.



Does anyone have advice about eating before the workout? I haven't been able to get into a good routine yet. It seems like if I eat before I work out, I feel nauseous, but if I don't, I don't have as much energy. What works for you guys?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Just remember...

insanity is not sexist!

round 2.....FIGHT!

Hey Insanity Punx!

Back again for an update.... I just did my first month 2 fit test/max interval circuit....and everyone who's done it before , knows that it's a shitty shitty day.

Lemme backtrack since I haven't posted here in a bit...

So this fall I went through 3/4 of insanity, and then the holidays hit and things kinda fell apart. Too much other stuff to do, too little time, yadda yadda...anyways after new years I tried to get back on the schedule. It was a little bit bumpy though...I did the first couple weeks, and then I had house guests from outta town, and It seemed kinda rude to tell them to piss off while I went home to jump around like an idiot for an, I was off the schedule for a week, and then to make up for it, I repeated week 2 before doing my second fit the end of the first month, I went outta town and couldnt really do the recovery workout whilst couchsurfing in boston.....So when today's workout rolled around it especially hurt due to a weeks worth of inactivity and my fit test results totally reflect's my results for my 3 fit tests so far..

SWITCH KICKS: 120, 133, 135
POWER JACKS: 46, 50, 49
POWER KNEES: 82, 90, 84
POWER JUMPS: 32, 40, 34
GLOBE JUMPS: 9, 11, 7
SUICIDE JUMPS: 19, 20, 20
PUSH UP JACKS: 30, 34, 32
LOW PLANKS: 62, 75, 64

So yeah, for the most part things dipped down to just above my week 1 results. For whatever reason, I REALLY could not bring it for the globe jumps today.

The return to the max interval circuit was also brutal. By the 3rd circuit I needed to take extra break time. I was feeling kinda pukey, so I really didn't want to dig TOO much deeper cause I mighta hit oil and spewed all over my bedroom floor....gross...

stoked that there are new bloggers on here.....
is anyone else getting stoked to try "ASSYLUM" ???

Friday, February 4, 2011

"I have to be really honest right now..."

"... I'm actually really nervous for this workout." So sayeth Shaun T in Pure Cardio, succinctly echoing my sentiments. Day Five of Insanity was absolutely the most insane thus far.

After seeing some of Philadelphia's finest turn into sick, ripped beach-body machines, I decided to join in on the insanity last Monday (last poor pun, f'real). I keep weird hours for work and school, so I have to go it alone in my journey. Thankfully, Shaun T and his merry band of revelers (including the vivacious fitness goddess Tanya- dare I speak her name) are around to keep me company whenever I get the urge to dig deep!! For anyone who wants to start, but can't find any partners or- like me- keeps inhumane hours, don't be afraid to go solitary! In addition to being a physical workout, it's a great exercise in self-motivation. Altho only on Day Five, I've found myself having more energy, getting better sleep, and waking up easier. But I also smell really bad because I don't shower. I'll def edit out that last line before submitting this entry.

The original Fit Test was rough going for me. Aside from riding my bike up hills and wading my way impatiently through a sea of humanity on foot, my physical limitations have not been pushed in a few years. A further caveat in relation to me being out of shape is that I have a problem with blood pooling in my legs with excessive activity. The only thing I've found that helps is working out on a consistent basis. Therefore, having not done so for some time, my legs went a little dead on Day One. I'm fully expecting my next set of results to be an improvement.

Switch Kicks: 80
Power Jacks: 50
Power Knees: 81
Power Jumps: 22
Globe Jumps: 5
Suicide Jumps: 8
Push Up Jacks: 14
Low Plank Obliques: 40

Looking at the numbers, it's pretty clear that I started tanking with the Power Jumps. The Globe Jumps were also really frustrating, altho half of that had to do with not giving myself enough space. Space is another thing to take into account for those thinking about hopping (Power Jumping?) aboard the fit train.

In terms of eating, I've fallen into a routine of cereal and a banana pre-work out, and then oatmeal with flaxseed and brown rice protein in post. It's been working out pretty well thus far, and I find my thirst and appetite (for destruction) to be far more ravenous than usual. Otherwise, I'm eating generally the same stuff.

Stay posi, erry1!!! And when all else fails, ask yrself... WWSTD?? He'd jack it out.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Insane in the membrane!

Hey everyone! This is the first post of NC insanity punx. We've got about seven folks getting insane at the moment. Today Dana and I finished day four of insanity, and I'm already starting to feel a lot better. The first three days were killer! My goal with insanity is to get more strength and endurance so I can hike longer, bike longer, and of course, be prepped for the revolution.

Here are our before photos:

Here are our stats for our first fit test:

Switch Kicks: 72
Power Jacks: 45
Power Knees: 82
Power Jumps: 26
Globe Jumps: 7
Suicide Jumps: 16
Push Up Jacks: 12
Low Plank Obliques: 71

Switch Kicks: 106
Power Jacks: 45
Power Knees: 63
Power Jumps: 30
Globe Jumps: 7
Suicide Jumps: 15
Push Up Jacks: 20
Low Plank Obliques: 50

Anyone have good advice on eating before and after the workout? I've been doing a light breakfast like fruit and soy yogurt or brown rice bread with cashew butter before the workout, and a green smoothie with fruit and spirulina as a recovery drink. And most importantly, drinking a TON of water all day.

Any words of wisdom are totally appreciated! You all are doing/have done an awesome job, and I'm stoked to finally be starting the insanity myself!