Monday, February 14, 2011

round 2.....FIGHT!

Hey Insanity Punx!

Back again for an update.... I just did my first month 2 fit test/max interval circuit....and everyone who's done it before , knows that it's a shitty shitty day.

Lemme backtrack since I haven't posted here in a bit...

So this fall I went through 3/4 of insanity, and then the holidays hit and things kinda fell apart. Too much other stuff to do, too little time, yadda yadda...anyways after new years I tried to get back on the schedule. It was a little bit bumpy though...I did the first couple weeks, and then I had house guests from outta town, and It seemed kinda rude to tell them to piss off while I went home to jump around like an idiot for an, I was off the schedule for a week, and then to make up for it, I repeated week 2 before doing my second fit the end of the first month, I went outta town and couldnt really do the recovery workout whilst couchsurfing in boston.....So when today's workout rolled around it especially hurt due to a weeks worth of inactivity and my fit test results totally reflect's my results for my 3 fit tests so far..

SWITCH KICKS: 120, 133, 135
POWER JACKS: 46, 50, 49
POWER KNEES: 82, 90, 84
POWER JUMPS: 32, 40, 34
GLOBE JUMPS: 9, 11, 7
SUICIDE JUMPS: 19, 20, 20
PUSH UP JACKS: 30, 34, 32
LOW PLANKS: 62, 75, 64

So yeah, for the most part things dipped down to just above my week 1 results. For whatever reason, I REALLY could not bring it for the globe jumps today.

The return to the max interval circuit was also brutal. By the 3rd circuit I needed to take extra break time. I was feeling kinda pukey, so I really didn't want to dig TOO much deeper cause I mighta hit oil and spewed all over my bedroom floor....gross...

stoked that there are new bloggers on here.....
is anyone else getting stoked to try "ASSYLUM" ???

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  1. Having seen the video for THE ASYLUM, I'm absolutely terrified for my well-being. But in a good way! Bring it, Shaun T!! (I say this having not yet reached the Max series)