Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fit test #2/Falling hard

Fellow insanity punx,

I hate to say it, but I fell pretty hard off the insanity train this week. Saturday morning after my fit test I left for a camping trip, and after the serenity of a one-day break it just felt too sweet to sleep in instead of waking up early to get insane. I missed three days total and started back today. Here's hoping I didn't lose too much momentum this week.

Here are the results of fit test #2.



Does anyone have advice about eating before the workout? I haven't been able to get into a good routine yet. It seems like if I eat before I work out, I feel nauseous, but if I don't, I don't have as much energy. What works for you guys?


  1. Re: eating, 40 minutes to an hour before working out I'll have something small but semi-substantial in content (usually a bowl of shredded wheat or something. Clif bar in a pinch). Also, I find that drinking a lot of water in preparation for (and during) Insanity helps me from feeling light-headed.

    Oh! I mean... results and recovery formula all the way!!

  2. I just started the Insanity routine last Monday, and I noticed I was pretty short on energy when I did my fit test. After a little trial and error over the next few days after that, I got it to where I am eating a relatively small portion of food. I also took a multivitamin and drank a decent sized cup of water and a small cup of juice. A piece of fruit may also help. Part of the reason you get so tired from the workout is that your glucose levels shoot down from so much energy being exerted. What I do for that is get a cup of juice and dilute it in water so that I am not causing myself to get too dry. Hope this helps some. Awesome blog Insanity Punx!