Monday, January 17, 2011

Brooklyn: Day 40, Pushing Through

I hit a bump in the old Insanity road after getting sick at the start of the New Year. I developed an upper respiratory tract infection and a sinus infection which left me feeling chronically fatigued. I worked up to the 3rd fit test and then took a well-needed week-long break before starting the Max workouts.

As far as my fit test goes, I made a graph of my progress, because I'm kind of a nerd about these sorts of things:

I didn't really want to take the break considering that I was about to start the super-intense second month, and I do feel like it's made the Max workouts tougher on me than they're supposed to be. Oh well, I need to make sure I'm healthy first before I get Insane!

The new workouts in the second month are creative, and I'm curious about how many little weird exercises are still yet to come. My only problem with the Max workouts is that they're longer, which just kind of makes them boring. Most of them are about an hour long, and after about 30 minutes, it's hard for me to pay my full attention and really care about it any longer. I think it's partly because I do the workouts alone, so if anyone in Brooklyn wants to pair up (or any Philly people want to take the Chinatown bus up!) let me know!


  1. Month 2 is pretty brutal, but it's also kind of cool that moves like the switch kicks, which always exhausted me during fit tests are suddenly part of every warm up. Taking a break from the routine is totes necessary (especially if yer' sick) but yeah, jumping back in after a longer break hurts. I'm a couple weeks back in to the first month after taking a month long break, and yikes..those first few days back in def sucked. I did notice though that after doingthe max workouts, the month one workouts seem to fly by.

  2. I think you might be right. I just did one of the first month workouts with my roommate to help ease her into Insanity, and when we were finished I was like, "that's it!?" Maybe I just need an adjustment period for these longer workouts. We'll see!