Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 6

I'm dripping sweat as I'm typing this. I just finished my third Fit Test + my first Max Interval Circuit. Oh lordy. I was really, really sloppy during the max interval circuit because I was so winded from the fit test and the warm up! I pushed through though and actually finished. I might have died and come back to life at some point in between- who the hell knows! 

Here are my fit test results: 
Switch Kicks: 118
Power Jacks: 52 
Power Knees: 84
Power Jumps: 36
Globe Jumps: 12
Suicide Jumps: 20
Push Up Jacks: 19
Low Plank Obliques: 80 

I've improved on each exercise, but went down on Power Knees :(. I did 84 this time, and 89 the time before. What gives! 

So yeah, I agree with Krista- because the circuits are now an hour long, I found it hard to stay focused and motivated. Good thing Shaun has such a soothing voice. Also sometimes it's just a matter of focusing on the moment and letting yourself get into the rhythm of the moves. What helps me is to literally turn my brain off and pretend to be a robot. 

Also, I don't know what it is, but sometimes I feel really, really nauseated after the warm ups. I'm not a puker and don't have a weak stomach. It's not that I've been eating anything crazy beforehand either. It's weird that I feel like I'm going to vomit in the first few seconds of the stretch that follows the warm ups. ANyone else feel this way? 


  1. I was linked to this blog from my partner (who herself, along with a farmhouse full on punx in Chapel Hill, NC, have all decided to start this), and I have become motivated to put myself through the hardest cardio program ever created.

    I can't wait for a firestorm to purify the fat off my body. Thank you, Insanity Punx.

  2. I was also linked this and am now 2 weeks in. Definitely a challenge!