Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fit Test!

Here are my first fit test results: 
Switch kicks---------------101
Power jacks----------------47
Power knees---------------48
Power jumps---------------29
Globe jumps---------------11
Suicide jumps--------------12
Push-up jacks--------------10
Lowplank Obliques-------40 

And these are my results from today: 
Switch kicks---------------107
Power jacks----------------49
Power knees---------------84
Power jumps---------------36
Globe jumps---------------10
Suicide jumps--------------13
Push-up jacks--------------13
Lowplank Obliques-------54

I'm pretty happy with my results. The only one I dropped in was Globe jumps. Otherwise I'm already seeing some vast improvements! 

I did Cardio Recovery today. That shit is no joke. Uggggh.
 - Kathi

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