Friday, October 22, 2010

Pure Cario=Pure Misery

Here goes my first contribution to the insanity punx blog...After today I am quite certain pure-cardio will be my least favorite video. This is my first time around with insanity and like Jordan the first three days annihilated me. Wednesday night I went to bed waddling. Some how I got up the nerve to go to yoga at 9am Thursday morning, after which I surprisingly felt almost 100% soreness free. Little did I know that the recovery video was effectively an abbreviated power yoga session. I think in the future I am going to just go to yoga on Thursdays and call it a recovery.
I would like to note also that today was the first time it didn't feel like i was going to puke. I have limited time in my schedule and i have been fitting the videos in right after I get home from teaching an after school program and before I go back to the studio for an evening session. Monday I was starving so i ate before I did the fit test. That definitely made me want to ralph. Then tues-thurs I waited until after to eat but I drank so much water on an empty stomach that I could feel it sloshing around especially when running in plank position, also a puke worth feeling. Today, however, I ate a few bites of left over breakfast potatoes before beginning which was enough to give the water something to soak into in my stomach and there was no queasiness...even though this was by far the hardest sweatiest work out to date. I lose steam before a lot of the different moves are done. I hope to be able to stick it out longer as I progress through the series.
I hope to keep this up. Being a part of the blog is going to be helpful. I need to get me some before-pictures stat!
Oh and tanya, what a suck up...

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  1. More Pure Cardio tomorrow Cait! Make sure you eat an hour or so before you work out. Even if it's just some nuts and simple carbs. You will feel much better during and after if you do.