Monday, October 25, 2010

A State of the Union

Wow! I can't believe how this blog has gotten people excited about getting fit. Since I started this 8 days ago several friends have started either doing the Insanity workout or have told me they have started something else because they don't feel ready yet. Other cities watch out, Philly punks are getting huge! I invited a few of the new Insane Punx to start writing in this blog, so look for new posts by some first timers. If you are just starting and want to contribute get in touch.

Allie and I have also had some people stopping by to join our workouts. Stefan came on Friday and will probably be joining us for the rest of the week, along with Joe Fox who started today. I don't know how we are gonna fit 4 people in that tiny room, but we'll make it happen.

Also, my friend Ramsey just started her own workout blog about the Crossfit training she is doing Chicago. Check it out here:
Ramsey Gets Big

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