Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hey Ya'll

Happy Halloween

insanity is a full time job...

Hey everyone....Lemme first say, i'm stoked to join the insanity punx blog. It had been years since I've paid attention to fitness in any serious way outside of recreational activities like bike riding/capture the flag/swimmin etc. So I was initially interested when folks started talking a lot about insanity this summer, and when jordan and allie started this round 2 of the program I really wanted to get on board...So this monday my housemate jon and I got to it...

I vomed after the fitness test....while I guess I considered myself relatively fit-ish, Insanity immediately taught me that while I might not have been OUT of shape....i definitely wasn't IN shape either.

so here are the fit test results... I had trouble keeping count honestly and had to guestimate a couple of the results. A big issue with me and insanity is getting form right the first time going through these exercises and still keeping the pace. I suppose that that part of it will just get easier as the videos repeat and the moves become familiar.

switch kicks: 67?
squat jacks: 35
power knees: 50
power jumps: 16?
globe jumps: 5
suicide jumps: 14
low plank obliques: 41

Jon has to email me his results or I would post them, but I will post these sweet pics that we took before our day 2 workout:

Today is day 6....I'm sort of dreading getting back to the plyometric stuff...That has been the biggest pain. I do not have strong legs, and the first couple days of insanity had me hobbling around...stairs were seriously an 3 sucked, but I started to feel like I was adjusting, the first recovery workout was GREAT. like...can't stress enough how great that felt.
I feel like I am totally ok with signing up to HURT for an hour a day for most of my big problem has been the time between workouts. feeling stiff and trudging through the day can be tough. I can only hope that this part of it gets easier. I was happy yesterday with pure cardio..I actually wish I had pushed a bit more, because this is my first time with the videos I was sort of expecting a break and an other round, and while i WAS exhausted at the end, I also thought there was going to be like short water breaks and then more pain like the other days...
But i guess I have that to look forward to this evening with the plyometrics again tonight.

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